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Bishop Buzon Joins Bishop Alminaza in Calling for a Stop to the Killings in the Diocese of San Carlos

  • December 18, 2020

Bishop Alminaza took to social media to deplore the killing of Dr. Mary Rose Sancelan, City Health Officer of Guihulngan City and her husband, Edwin Sancelan, a local government employee, late in the afternoon of December 15, 2020.

Yesterday, in a video posted by the Diocese of San Carlos Social Communications Office entitled “Defend Negros, Stop the Killings”, Bishop Alminaza called for prayer for what he termed as “the face of unstoppable murders in our Diocese of San Carlos.” The prelate of San Carlos also asked in “hope that these killings will soon end” and that the killings be condemned, “in the strongest possible terms” as “senseless murder of helpless civilians and dedicated servants of government.”

Joining Bishop Alminaza in this call to end “this spiral of violence” in Negros Island is Bishop Patricio A. Buzon of the Diocese of Bacolod.

In a press release, Bishop Buzon expressed support for Alminaza’s call for condemning the killings.
According to Bishop Buzon, the killing of a health worker at a time of great difficulty due to the pandemic is “one deplorable act worthy of no less than public condemnation.”

“The Diocese of Bacolod denounces all forms of extrajudicial killings; it decries indiscriminate ‘red-tagging’; and it deplores the situation of impunity among the perpetrators and enablers of this escalating violence not just in Guihulngan City, but also in other parts of Negros Island.”, Bishop Buzon said.

The Bishop of Bacolod also asked “for prayers for an end to the violence” and “urged concerned local authorities and agencies to investigate and act speedily for the resolution of the case.”

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