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"Do not vote for liars!” (Athag nga indi sila takus nga pili-on) – Bishop Buzon

  • February 2, 2022

Bishop Patricio A. Buzon, SDB, D.D. asks the electorate not to vote for candidates who are liars.

This was his message during the homily at the Concelebrated Mass on the “Feast of the Presentation of the Lord” at the Our Lady of Candles Parish, Capital Heights, Bacolod City last February 2, 2022.

“Distorting the truth”, according to the Bishop, is the “work of the devil to lead us astray.” He said that this “disinformation” is “true in the present situation of Covid and is also true for the upcoming elections.”

“I’m really scared because there are already forces distorting the facts, trying to rewrite history and trying to spread the lies and deceptions,” the Bishop said. He noted that, this disinformation have existed even years before the elections as there has been a systematic and efficient use of technology “to flood the social media with lies”. The repeated peddling of lies has the effect of “brainwashing” people in believing the lies as “truth”, he added.

Bishop Buzon reminded the faithful that the Feast of the Candelaria speaks of the light of Christ, the truth that guides the mind and directs the heart of people towards God.

“Ang ginharian sang Diyos, ginharian sang kamatuoran. (‘The Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of Truth’) Let us always uphold the truth. And let us defend the truth because the Truth is Christ…if we are on the side of truth, we are on the side of Christ”, the Bishop said.

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