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“We have to die to our old ways of DYAF-ing” – Msgr. Joy G. Jimera

  • February 25, 2022

As DYAF CMN Bacolod 1143 kHz, the Official Radio Station of the Diocese of Bacolod, celebrates its 2nd Year Anniversary of broadcast on February 25, 2022, Msgr. Joy G. Jimera, Vicar General of the Diocese of Bacolod, give thanks to the men and women behind its ongoing operations.

In particular, Msgr. Jimera also recognized the contributions of the DYAF Media Partners to the station. He acknowledged their monthly pledges of Php 1,143 which have kept the station afloat for two years.

In his homily for the Media Partner’s Thanksgiving Mass, Msgr. Jimera reminded the Mass attendees of the need for DYAF to “die” to its old ways so that it can live up to its true goals of evangelization and mission befitting a radio station of the Church.

He also expressed that this “new way” is for DYAF not to be beholden to a few and that it should become a radio station of the whole community. As such, he expressed his desire for DYAF to be financially self-sufficient by being supported by all the faithful of the Diocese who, according to him, must have their stake in its financial operations.

Msgr. Jimera called for parish-based support for the station: “when we discuss things on the sustainability of this radio station, we think of incorporating the parishioners so that everybody has his or her sense of ownership of the radio station.”

“Indi lng ta magsiling nga ang DYAF iya sang Diocese kundi ang DYAF iya sang pumuluyo sang Diocese of Bacolod,” Msgr. Jimera said. He campaigned for more support for the radio ministry through the monthly pledge system of Php 1,143 per DYAF Media Mission Partner.

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