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  • April 17, 2022

For his Easter 2022 message, Bishop Patricio A. Buzon, SDB, DD points out the need for people, not just to maintain hope but for them to arrive at certainty given the existing political, economic, ecological and even the personal upheavals they are experiencing.

During his homily, reflecting on the war between Russia and Ukraine, the ecological crisis involving global warming, the economic and political challenges due to the Covid pandemic and the uncertainties associated with the upcoming May 2022 elections in the Philippines, the Bishop noted, “We all have our own wars and uncertainties.”

According to Buzon, “The world faces a disturbing uncertainty not only of its future, but of its very existence…In our personal life too, we each fight our own battles and uncertainties.”

“The present situation brought about by the pandemic and the economic crisis have worsened and exacerbated our capacity to rise above our misery. In such condition, we too are confronted with the same question, “How do we maintain hope in the future, given everything that is happening?”, the Bishop said.

Ultimately, for Bishop Buzon, this “certainty” is only to be sought and found in the resurrected Christ.

“We know the infallible reason for our certainty – that Christ is risen and he has conquered death”, the Bishop noted.

After more than two years of ‘limited Mass attendees” because of existing government COVID restrictions, Bishop Buzon has finally celebrated Easter Mass with a considerable number of lay faithful in attendance at the San Sebastian Cathedral on April 17, 2022.

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