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  • May 3, 2022

Bishop Patricio A. Buzon leads call to prayer for clean, honest, accurate, meaningful and peaceful elections or CHAMP Elections. Bishop Buzon is concerned about the current state of Philippine politics that needs badly the “light of Christ”.

Last April 29, 2022, the Bishop issued Circular Letter 2022-012 calling on priests and lay faithful in the diocese to make “an act of faith and prayer” by participating in a dawn procession for the elections dubbed as “Via Lucis” or “The Way of Light”.

“The upcoming May 2022 Elections will be a defining moment for us Filipinos as we vote for the kind of government we will have for the next six years”, the Bishop expressed in the Circular Letter.

In an interview by ADSUM Balita, the Bishop noted, “Sa aton nga sitwasyon diri, bisan ano man ang natabo, sa mga kabudlayan, sa kadulom …kabay nga updan kita sang kapawa sang Diyos nga magagiya sa aton sa pagpili sang mga lideres nga takus sa sina nga katungdangan kag responsibilities sa pagpamuno sang aton pungsod kag sang aton katawhan.” (“At present, given the hardships and darkness we are experiencing, it is my hope that the light of God accompanies us. We allow his light to guide in our choices of leader --the kind of leaders who are worthy and responsible in leading this country and our people.”)

According to Bishop Buzon, “Ang ginahiwat naton nga diutay nga aktibidades…amo ang pagpangayo sang kapawa halin sa Diyos, gikan sa Diyos labi na guid sa sini nga tion nga lapit na lang ang eleksyon, ang kapawa sang iya kamatuoran, ang kapawa sang iya kaayo kag kaluoy nga amo ang maga-upod sa aton samtang kita maga-exercise sang aton nga “right of suffrage” nga amo ang daku nga bugay nga ginhatag sa aton sang Diyos.” (“This activity of ours is our way of asking the light of God to accompany us this coming elections. This light is the light of the Truth. This is the light of God’s goodness and mercy that will be with us as we exercise our right of suffrage which is God’s great gift for us.”)

For the Bishop, “Ang kapawa nga aton ginapangayo amo guid si Hesus nga amo guid ang kamatuoran kag kabuhi.” (“The light that we seek is no other than Jesus Himself who is also truth and life.”)

The “Via Lucis” was attended by close to 600 people from the parishes and chaplaincies, faith communities, lay organizations and representatives from the religious orders.

The procession started at 5:00 in the morning from the Sacred Heart Seminary and culminated in a Eucharistic celebration at 7:00 AM at the San Sebastian Cathedral with Msgr. Joy Jimera as Mass presider.

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