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  • April 22, 2022

On the occasion of Earth Day 2022, Bishop Patricio A. Buzon, SDB, DD "reiterates" the commitment of the Diocese of Bacolod “to fight climate change with ever greater fervor” in answer to Pope Francis’ call for a "climate emergency".

In a Pastoral Letter for Earth Day 2022 entitled, “Behold, I Make All Things New”, Bishop Buzon noted that currently the Church needs “renewal” in relation to the ecological crisis.

“As a Church, we can cooperate in the Spirit of the Risen Christ to facilitate this conversion process by listening more intently and responding more diligently to [these] ecological pains”, the Bishop expressed.

According to the Bishop, “Our Easter celebration provides a great opportunity for us to reaffirm our desire for renewal. The salvation brought by Jesus is not simply a salvation of the human race but is a redemption of the whole of creation. As Jesus was victorious over death and sin, He also restored all creation under God’s proper order. As a Church, we affirm our faith in the Risen Christ for in Him all of creation, spiritual and material, has been repaired and renewed.

“The challenge, however, is for us to apply this salvation won by His Resurrection in our own lives, particularly, in the face of the disastrous effects of climate change“, he added.

As a practical response, the Bishop expressed: “We can start where we are – in our parishes, chaplaincies, faith-communities, BECs, Catholic schools and in our homes. We begin by creating awareness among our people. Let us organize information campaigns on the environment, clean-up drives, tree-growing activities, and even lobby for environmental legislations. Moreover, we can also limit the carbon-imprint in our activities by avoiding single-used plastics in our purchases and by practicing waste segregation and recycling in our homes.”

He also has called on the electorate to vote for candidates whose platform of governance includes the environmental cause this May 2022 National and Local Elections.

For Bishop Buzon, “There are no limits to localized initiatives that we can come up with for the environment.”

The Bishop issued his Pastoral Letter last April 19, 2022.

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