Pastoral Office

Diocesan Commissions

Commission on Bible Apostolate

Rev. Fr. Deogracias Aurelio V. Camon, PhD, MA

The Diocesan Commission on Biblical Apostolate is to make the Catholic faithful aware of the science and art of Christian apologetics. It aims to provide the Catholic faithful the basic and correct understanding of the Bible along with its thrust to enlighten the Catholic faithful on the authenticity of the Catholic faith based on the Bible and Traditions. Further, it aims to inculcate the Catholic faithful the need for the Bible reading in their daily lives.

Commission on Catechesis

Rev. Fr. Samuel John M. TaƱoso

The Diocesan Commission on Catechesis animates, supports and coordinates renewed evangelization and catechetical programs in the parishes, chaplaincies and BECs. It aims to provide ongoing formation and training for the catechists towards their Christian maturity, teaching proficiency and professionalism. It aims to develop and disseminate catechetical materials that are updated and relevant to the signs of the times. Further, it seeks to develop and strengthen linkages with other Diocesan Commissions. To provide the catechists decent allowances and social security benefits according to their labor classifications, is also part of its aspirations.

Commission on Church Patrimony & Cultural Heritage

Very Rev. Fr. Joevic M. Lemoncito, VF

The Diocesan Commission on Cultural Heritage and Church Patrimony shall identify, catalogue, collect and store church properties of historical and cultural value as churches, pictures, documents, records, artifacts, sacred vessels, reliquaries and canonical books. It plans with and grants final approval in the construction and restoration of churches, parish convents and landmarks. It seeks to create committees on cultural heritage in every parish and chaplaincy. Furthermore, it aims to conduct awareness seminars and ongoing education on the historical and cultural heritage of the Church.

Commission on Clergy

Rev. Fr. Ruel S. Jundos, SThL

The Diocesan Commission on Clergy initiates, animates and coordinates programs and activities for the permanent formation of the clergy. It aims to enhance fellowship, bonding and mutual support among the clergy in the spirit of sacramental brotherhood. Further, it aims to provide continuing care of the clergy especially those in need and to develop ministerial accountability and transparency among the clergy.

Commission on Family & Life

Rev. Fr. Noli L. Blancaflor, SThL

The Diocesan Commission on Family and Life intends to provide a comprehensive formation, education programs and services to families. It shall train and ensure on-going formation of Family Life Ministers (FLMs), Family Life Workers (FLWs) and Animators. Part of its functions is to put up Family Life Centers in every Parish and Chaplaincy to implement the different Family Life Programs and Services. It shall coordinate with other Diocesan Commissions and link up with other Pro-Family organizations.

Commission on Health

Rev. Fr. Norman S. Egay

The Diocesan Commission on Health initiates, sustains and coordinates health education including alternative medicine along with its role to provide pastoral care and render assistance for the sick, the handicapped, the elderly and the dying. It intends to organize and strengthen alliance of the Catholic health care professionals and workers. Also, it aims to establish and coordinate a network of hospital chaplaincies and other health-related groups.

Commission on Lay Formation & Lay Associations Center

Rev. Fr. Arnold P. Deletina, PhD

The Diocesan Lay Formation and Lay Associations Center initiates research and developmental activities for the formation of the lay people. It aims to offer courses for the formation and training of lay leaders in the different parishes, schools and lay associations of the diocese. Part of its task is to prepare and conduct modules for issue-based concerns affecting the lives of the laity.

Commission on Liturgy

Rev. Fr. Henry T. Donasco

The Diocesan Commission on Liturgy facilitates and coordinates liturgical renewal among the liturgical ministers in the parishes, chaplaincies, BECs, schools and other centers of worship. It aspires to provide ongoing formation and training for the different liturgical ministers. Also part of its work is to develop and disseminate liturgical guides and materials that will enhance renewal and meaningful celebrations.

Commission on Mission & Ecumenism

Rev. Fr. Rocelo B. Villarosa

The Diocesan Commission on Mission aims to conduct massive education regarding mission. It also seeks to coordinate with other commissions and religious congregations to promote mission awareness and the four Pontifical Missionary Societies.

Commission on Social Communications

Rev. Fr. Roy Christian D. Gesulgon, LLB, MA

The Diocesan Commission on Social Communications is driven to utilize media facilities such as in Broadcast, Print, Cinema and Press Conference. It shall hold seminars and symposia for its members, personnel and media practitioners on Social Communications and the Teachings of the Church. Also, it shall hold retreats or recollections for the spiritual development of members of mass media and to conduct training upgrading their technical skills. It aims to reproduce materials for use of media establishments, like press kits and Social Teachings of the Church, Synodal Decrees, commentaries and other diocesan concerns. Among other goals, this commission seeks to institutionalize the Catholic Media Award in the Diocese and to establish a Diocesan website.

Commission on Vocation

Rev. Fr. Julius D. Habana, MA

The Diocesan Commission on Vocations initiates, develops and sustains vocation promotion activities throughout the diocese. It aims to establish and coordinate vocation committees in parishes, chaplaincies, schools and to link up with the vocation directors of religious congregations. It seeks to form and train vocation promoters throughout the diocese and to assist the diocesan seminary in its recruitment and screening of aspirants and formation of seminarians.

Commission on Youth

Rev. Fr. Lou-an P. Torrefranca, MA

The Diocesan Commission on Youth offers services to the youth and their associations in the light of their Christian mission towards spiritual maturity, integral human development and a sense of community. It seeks to organize the youth in their particular settings and situations. Furthermore, it aims to mobilize the youth to become committed agents of renewal and social transformation.

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